The Ins and Outs of Printing Techniques – What Works For Your Wedding Style?

You’ve recently gotten engaged to be married, and your thoughts are going to your wedding invitations. A necessary part of any wedding, your invitations will not only provide the details of the event, they will set the tone for your special day. Many decisions will need to be made regarding the selection of your invitations and you’ll want to choose one that best suits you and your fiancé’s style and personality.

You may be considering making your invitations yourself. While handmade invitations are sometimes unique, there are some aspects to professionally printed invitations that you just can’t achieve on a home computer and printer. One thing is for sure, the wording that a home printer will put on your invitation will just lay flat on the paper. Perhaps you’ve selected a very pretty paper, but the bottom line is that there’s nothing you can do to spice up the print!

Tried-and-true techniques for printing still exist and are truly appreciated by paper aficionados. These printing processes which are available on wedding invitations include genuine copperplate engraving, thermography, and letterpress and are all performed in the USA.

For centuries, copperplate engraving has been the ultimate standard in printing. This printing process requires a copper die to be made with the wording etched into it in reverse. Then, ink is coated onto the die and the excess ink is wiped away, leaving ink remaining in the recessed areas. The die is then pressed against the paper with 2000 pounds of force which will result in the ink transferring onto the paper. The resulting appearance is that of slightly raised ink. Typically, the copperplate die is returned to the customer as a memento.

Thermography, or raised printing, provides nearly the same look and feel as engraving but at a lower cost. Thermography is achieved by applying a powder made of resin to the wet ink on the paper. The paper is then passed under a heat source which causes the powder to melt into the ink, causing the ink to “raise”.

The letterpress process has been in existence for many years, but recently has become a much-sought after technique for many brides. A plate is also required for letterpress, but instead of the type being recessed into the plate, it is necessary for the type to be raised off the plate. The raised area is then inked and pressed into the paper stock, giving the text the rich appearance of depth.

The choices are endless for your wedding invitations. Why not let skilled and experienced artisans print an invitation for you that you’ll be proud to call your own for many years to come!

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Short Hair Wedding Styles – A Simple Guide

Try to open your various magazines that cover wedding accessories. Most of the magazine is definitely showing a certain kind of beautiful face of girls, wear a white wedding dress plus long hair. But for you who is more comfortable with short hair, does not mean you can not appear as beautiful or more beautiful. Short hair is pretty, dear. This is the secret.

Seek your stylist – Have no personal stylist? Do not despair. You can start to get to the audition with them. Yes, not only American Idol candidate must pass the audition process. Hair stylists who will be responsible for your appearance and you certainly need to choose carefully. Most of the women success to find their salon in accordance with their expectations using this way. If you already have a stylist from the start, he requested to see the framework of the most hair in accordance with your personality. Want to add accessories such as veil, hat or tiara can also be. Of course you need to show to your stylist so that he can also help determine the most fitting accessory for your wearing. There are other options for you to feel confident with the expertise and hair bound up with a cheaper cost. Do It Yourself! Seriously, you are not misreading.

Divine shine – Want to appear more glamour? Easy. All you add glossing serum to make hair look healthy. This trick will help you in the beautiful photographs of your marriage later.

Touch of glamour -One other advantage of having short hair (other than the shampoo is cheaper and anti-heat) is you do not have to compete your hair with strict hair accessories that should make you more beautiful.

Flowers on your head – A fresh flower behind the ear, the hair or veil will give a touch of romantic and feminine at your short hair.

Wear your hat – Other accessory option for the short hair is a hat.

Finally, your short hair is part of your personality. The difficulty in any of your effort, remember that wonderful memory of your happy day is much more important. Forget having to appear super perfect. The bridegroom and the guests will remember you as a beautiful bride and happy.

Wedding Style Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding to be as stylish and fabulous as possible. The trick is to create a chic and memorable wedding without breaking the bank. Here are some simple ideas on how to add more style to your special day.

Style is all about doing the little things that will set your wedding apart from the rest of the crowd. After all, what bride says that she hopes her wedding will be ordinary or generic? You want to put your personal stamp on your special day and to impart it with a unique character that will make a lasting impression on all those present.

The centerpieces are one of the areas where you can really up the style factor of your wedding without having to spend a fortune. Think beyond the standard clear round vases and roses, and look for more creative options for your table decorations. Something as simple as exchanging a round vase for a square one will have a huge impact.

You can also include natural elements besides flowers to give your centerpieces that extra special something. For a summer wedding, bright beautiful citrus fruits such as limes and oranges can be used to fill vases as a base for the floral arrangements. If a fall harvest wedding is more your cup of tea, consider using rough-hewn wooden vessels filled with a combination of fresh autumn flowers and dried pieces. These easy changes will give your wedding a fresh and stylish look.

Your wedding attire is definitely a place to elevate your style. Naturally, it all begins with the gown. If you really want to look as stylish as possible, begin by perusing the wedding magazines and sites to get a sense of what the current trends are. You may be surprised at how the gowns have changed since your cousin Sarah’s wedding four years ago! There are a lot of great looks that tie right in with the current fashion themes, from Grecian goddess to romantic floral to sassy layered dresses. Be bold and try on at least a few gowns that are very chic right now, even if they are not what you had always imagined yourself wearing. You might just surprise yourself by falling in love with a fabulous gown that you had never imagined liking.

Accessories are a big part of what will give a bride’s look great style and flair. Some of the most stylish pieces include crystal bridal jewelry and metallic shoes. A wonderful idea is to use modern and unique pieces of bridal jewelry, such as long crystal earrings, to liven up a simple but elegant wedding gown. You can also choose accessories that reference your heritage, like a tartan or obi-style sash.

When you are looking for ways to make your reception even more stylish, one thing to include is plenty of candles. Masses of low votives can be used in a myriad of ways, and they are a terrific way to create ambiance. One of the most eye-catching designs is to suspend clear platforms above the dinner tables and to cover them with tons of ivory votives or chunky pillar candles. The candles will cast a romantic glow as they appear to float above your reception.

As you can see, making your wedding more stylish doesn’t have to mean hiring a celebrity wedding planner, or investing a small fortune. You can do a few small things and still make a big splash. It all adds up to a wedding to remember.

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Pink and Black Wedding Style

Everyone knows that choosing the right color scheme will add style and elegance to a wedding. Some of the best color combinations pair a soft color with a bolder one. For a truly stylish wedding, check out what you can do with a wonderful pink and black color palette.

Pink and black make a striking pair. Pink is soft and ultra-feminine, where black is dark and sophisticated. When the two are put together, you get a high contrast and high style palette that will add instant flair to your wedding.

There are some great ways in which pink and black can be used for a wedding. One idea is to go with a retro 1950s theme. The color combination of pink and black was very popular in mid century fashion, and it can provide a really cool look for a wedding. Picture the bridesmaids in knee length pink satin strapless cocktail dresses with black tulle peeking out from the hem. Add a black sash at the waist with an oversized fabric flower for a lovely detail. Finish off their look with custom bridal jewelry made from pink Swarovski pearls and jet black crystals.

The style of a cool 1950s diner would be great for a pink and black wedding reception. Pink and black checked linens will look great for the tables. A very fun idea for the centerpieces would be to mound pink carnations in glossy opaque black vases. It is a great update on an inexpensive and abundant flower. Keep the place settings simple with clean mid-century modern flair.

Pink and black can also have a wonderful modern Victoriana flavor. This would be wonderful for a formal or evening wedding. Use motifs like intricate swirls, scrollwork, and brocade designs. A pink background with thin black scrolls would be an elegant and chic design around which to base your wedding. You could start by using it for the wedding invitations, and branch out from there.

There are some marvelous things you could do for wedding flowers with these colors. Any flower you could ever desire is available in pink. For the bridal bouquets, trim the flower stems with braided pink and black satin ribbons. Or add drama to an evening wedding by combining glamorous black feathers with pink flowers for centerpieces and bouquets.

The bride might want to consider bringing the color palette into her wedding attire. A traditional white gown could be customized to have pink and black embroidery around the neckline. Another idea would be to wear a pale, pale pink silk wedding gown with a black sash (which is very figure flattering). If you prefer the classic all white bridal gown, you can always introduce your wedding colors with custom pink and black bridal jewelry.

Your wedding cake is a perfect place to showcase your wedding colors and design scheme. A pink fondant cake can be decorated with black in a variety of gorgeous ways. One of the most elegant would be a modern damask pattern. For something more dainty, try tiny black Swiss dots on a pink cake. Trim each layer with a gum paste ribbon and “bow”. You could even go preppy with a pink and black argyle cake.

Pink and black is a stylish and versatile color theme for a wedding. It will be easy to design a wedding that is chic and memorable in style. Have fun planning a marvelous wedding all done in shades of pink and black.

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Beautiful, Elegant and Classy Black Hair Wedding Styles

As the bride, looking beautiful is no longer a question. You certainly have to be the center of everyone’s attention, as that is your big day! Having the right wedding hair style is the key to that. And for this very special day, elegant black wedding hair styles are the perfect choice. Styling your hair the best possible way is important even if you are wearing a veil. More than the makeup, the wedding dress, your hair is going to be one of the things people will see. By knowing and understanding what your specific hair type is, and choosing the best look that perfectly suits your features, achieving a flattering hair style won’t be a problem.

Do the black wedding hair styles that follow, walk with a beautiful smile and be the most beautiful woman to walk down the aisle.

Flip is a hair style that can be done if your hair hangs down to your earlobes, a hair style that is both practical and charming. It also never goes out of fashion and is very easy to maintain. A sleek flip can be done with a simple touch of pomade. This is a good choice if you want to look smart and simple. A razor cut flip is a very dressy look that makes the ends of the hair flip perfectly. It is ideal for giving the hair a light and textured look.

Afro is another wedding hair style that is chic and stylish. Afro provides women with lots of option as it can be done in varied ways. An elegant style with an edge, for example, is a textured piece of afro which is parted to the side, pinned back with a flower — very stylish, and feminine.

A basket weave is a more intricate wedding hair style. Doing this hair style might need more time but it’s definitely worth it. Hair would be styled with slim single braids that are woven tightly on the crown of the head in a crisscross pattern. For longer hair, the remaining strands can be pulled into some more braids which can be done as a unique twist, or a curl for a gently soft wave.

What can be more elegant than an up-do? This is one of the most common black wedding hair styles, opted by many as it is clean and easily controlled.

Hip, Modern Wedding Style

Not every bride is a lace and lily-of-the-valley kind of girl. If your personal style leans towards clean lines and cool details, then you should definitely incorporate that into your wedding. Having a hip modern wedding is perfect for a stylish bride.

Modern can actually mean a variety of things, but one thing that is a given is a clean, unfussy aesthetic. A lot of the traditional wedding décor will not be right for a wedding done with a modern twist. Instead, look for things that are bold, chic, and hip looking.

A great place to start is with choosing your color palette. Forget about pale pink and ivory; look for color combinations with some punch to them. Ideas include espresso brown and ice blue, shades of silver and pewter, or bold red paired with pops of orange. Using powerful colors will make a bold statement and really set your wedding apart.

The venue that you choose will help set the tone for your event. Instead of a country club or hotel ballroom, look for sites that are offbeat and funky. Wide open lofts are one good possibility. Another would be a modern art gallery.

Flowers are an important part of any wedding. For modern style, choose unique blooms and cool vessels. Instead of a traditional round vase, simple square ones would give the centerpieces an updated look. Another idea would be to do a cluster of arrangements on the tables instead of one big display. Exotic flowers are a great way to make an impression. Not every florist is talented or creative enough to work with offbeat choices like say, bird of paradise, or to craft flowers and stems into artistic forms. Before choosing a florist, be sure to see samples of her work. If the entire portfolio shows page after page of bouquets with red roses, baby’s breath, and ivy, run the other way.

The bride will want to find a gown in keeping with her hip wedding. There are so many wonderful gown designers that it should not be difficult. Look for gowns that are sleek, stylish, and a little bit edgy. Avoid traditional styles like lace appliqué or full pleated skirts. You can spice up a simple dress with funky wedding jewelry. Organic and irregular keshi pearls would be the perfect accent for a stylish bride. Wedding jewelry that is unexpected will have the most impact. Another great idea is to pair a low-backed gown with a crystal necklace that has a long drop down the back. Dramatic and stunning!

No hip wedding should have a boring menu. Instead of a traditional seated dinner with basic beef or chicken, work with the caterer to come up with a more adventurous meal for your guests. Serving stations are a great way to offer a wide variety of interesting flavors. The presentation of the food matters, as well. Popular ideas are tiny bites served on spoons, little shot glasses with soup, and square shaped plates and glasses.

Your wedding should reflect who you are. If you are not a traditionalist at heart, then it would be silly to plan the same old wedding. Let your personal style shine through, and create a hip, modern wedding that is one-of-a-kind.

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Minimalist Wedding Style

Sometimes it really is true that less is more. If you are a bride who favors simplicity, this could be the theme of your wedding. There are many great ways to design a wedding with a minimalist style.

The first thing to consider is location. If you prefer the minimalist look, then you will want to seek a wedding venue that fits with your aesthetics. Fancy cathedrals, castles, and opulent hotels will not be able to give you the sleek, modern look. Instead look for spaces that have clean lines and good bones, but not a lot of ornamentation. Some sites to consider are city lofts, modern art museums, and alternative galleries.

The trickiest part about designing a minimalist wedding is to make sure that it looks intentional. You want your space to look perfectly appointed, as opposed to looking unfinished. You almost have to choose each detail more carefully than you would if you were designing a wedding with a more lush style. When there are fewer elements, each one needs to hit the right note so that the whole effect is harmonious.

An easy way to coordinate your wedding is by choosing a signature color or colors to use. If you are trying for a minimalist look, either choose a muted color like espresso as your main hue, or go for one bold color like true red. Pair these colors with something crisp like white or subtle like cream. Avoid any colors that are overly feminine, such as pink, peach, or lilac. They are too difficult to use in a modern and streamlined way.

One of the other elements that really helps to create a tone for the wedding is the bride’s ensemble. You will want to choose a dress that echoes the minimalist atmosphere of the venue; a frilly gown would look totally out of place in an urban loft. Look for a bridal gown with clean lines and few details. A beautiful silk charmeuse dress would be an ideal choice for a bride who likes garments that are close to the body. If you are more comfortable in a less clingy style, choose a simple A-line gown in a great fabric like silk mikado. When the fabric is high quality and the gown is well cut, you do not need embellishments on it.

To give your ensemble a polished look, the right accessories are key. Even when you are going for a minimalist effect, you will still want to have a few special pieces to finish off your attire. Crystal bridal jewelry is a great option, because you can achieve a cool and icy look with a very simple necklace or earrings. One beautiful crystal sparkling around your neck would be perfect. You can also look for bridal jewelry earrings created from crystal. A very chic look is a pair of long drop earrings with a very simple wedding gown.

When designing a minimalist wedding, look for centerpieces that adhere to your theme. One source of inspiration can be Asian design. The pared down look of a few branches with cherry blossoms or even tiny Bonsai trees on the tables would look very simple and elegant. Another idea is to use flowers like calla lilies, which are wonderfully streamlined.

A minimalist wedding should be low on frills and ornamentation, but high on style. If you carefully choose each element of your wedding design, you are sure to achieve a breathtaking effect.

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How To Keep Your Wedding Style Classic With Cufflinks

For most men, wearing cufflinks on your wedding day is a tradition that dates back for many centuries. They are an essential part of your wedding outfit that simply cannot be overlooked, especially if you’re aiming to present a traditional and classic style. Before we discuss options for cufflinks, let’s first review the essential elements involved in a classically themed wedding.

Elegant scripted font on invitations printed on heavy paper creates a classic and traditional tone from the start. However, the classic wedding theme can only be achieved if you pay attention to the finer details. For example, if the cake is unconventional or the reception entertainment is incorrect, the classic theme can easily be lost.

Colours are usually the first on your checklist when planning a wedding. The colour choices made for a classic wedding theme should be limited to two colours and these colours should complement each other. As a rule, white or cream will be your primary colour and this will be paired with a secondary colour which is usually a metallic or pastel. For example, silver, pearl, gold, antique blue, mauve, pink and lemon are all very popular secondary colours that will help you achieve classic styling on your wedding day.

Flowers complete the classic theme and it’s essential to stick with traditional wedding flowers like roses, lilies, orchids and hydrangeas. Make sure you select flowers that represent your chosen colour scheme. Again, stick with your two colours.

Decorations also need to be chosen with utmost care. Popular decorations associated with a classically-themed wedding include mirrors on tables, an abundance of tea light handles and the use of ribbons to decorate chairs and place settings.

Once all of these finer details have been determined, selecting the right pair of cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen should be a relatively simple task. Again, let your choice of colours serve as your guide. Generally, cufflinks for weddings must be simple and elegant. This defines the essence of classic styling. A well-polished but understated pair of cufflinks is an excellent choice for your groom and groomsmen.

Shiny silver cufflinks are the most common choice of grooms. They look smart with tuxedos or lounge suits and complement all of the aforementioned colour selections. Rectangular or square shapes will never go out of style or opt for slightly more modern but still sophisticated designs like silver knots or silver barrel cufflinks.

Depending on the suits selected for the groomsmen, you may decide to add a hint of your secondary colour. It is particularly striking when your tie, waist coast and cufflinks have this chosen hue. However, it’s very important to keep the tones muted to maintain the classic look.

Zen Wedding Style

Do you want your wedding to be serene and stylish at the same time? Then consider designing a wedding with a Zen style. You will enjoy your special day in a feeling of bliss.

Zen style is simple and clean and peaceful. It is relaxing, and can also be quite modern and chic. It is a great idea for a wedding theme, as you and your guests will feel quite at ease in the oasis that you create. For a few ideas on how to have a Zen wedding, read on…

Think about your wedding location. A space like an open loft in a city with great hardwood floors and lots of natural light would be one excellent option. Another possibility is an outdoor setting. An Asian inspired garden would be ideal, as would a setting near running water, which will make a soothing background sound.

A peaceful color palette is a great place to being when creating your Zen design. Soft colors from nature like taupe, celadon, and pale blue work beautifully in combination with an accent color like espresso. Your color scheme will be serene and modern at the same time. Patterns that use some of the colors together in a stripe would make a very pleasing addition to the overall wedding décor.

Your color palette can be carried throughout the wedding. You will certainly want to use it for your bridesmaid dresses. Tea length chiffon dresses in celadon or pale blue would be lovely. To add a little punch, choose ones that also use the espresso accent color, either in a sash, or as a wide border at the hemline. For the bridesmaid jewelry sets, think simple and clean lines, such as elegant sterling silver pieces. Bridesmaid jewelry sets that use elements with a natural and organic form, like keshi pearls, would also be wonderful for your Zen wedding.

For your wedding décor, imagine a fabulous Asian inspired spa setting. Think about ways to incorporate natural elements, such as smooth rocks, bamboo, seagrass, and even water. A great touch for a Zen theme wedding would be to have a water element, such as a simple modern fountain, or another source of running water. If your venue does not have such a feature, see about renting or even custom designing a piece like a copper wall fountain to add the tranquil sound of water to your reception.

In keeping with the idea of being in harmony with nature and the senses, your reception menu should include foods that are fresh, light, and seasonal. If you love Asian food, then you could go with a Pan-Asian menu, but you could also choose to feature your local cuisine, preferably fresh from the farm. Roasted vegetables, free range chicken and artisanal cheeses are all wonderful menu choices.

For the ultimate in Zen wedding design, consider hiring a feng shui expert to design the floorplan of your reception. You will be ensured that the vibe at your wedding is as serene as possible. In addition, you will ensure good flow throughout the room, as well as the best luck to get your marriage off to a happy and harmonious start. If a wedding theme can do all that, then who wouldn’t want to have their big day be as Zen as possible?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Defining Your Wedding Style With Color

A great way to define the style of your wedding is through the colors that you choose. Follow these tips and hints to help you convey the style you desire, all through a few simple choices of color.

Firstly you should look for any color influences that are already available. These may come from a variety of sources. One obvious source is the color of your venue. If your venue has a particular scheme running constantly through it, then you should choose a color that compliments it, and obviously stay away from any colors that may clash.

Secondly, you may find inspiration for colors to use at your wedding from items you have already bought for your wedding. Have you already decided on the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses? Or perhaps you are going to have favors that are a particular color?

Thirdly, one of the best ways to convey you wedding colors across is through the flowers that you choose, so why not let them pick the color for you. Ask you florist to consult you on your flower options for the day and then match the color of everything else in your wedding to your wedding flowers.

Another great place to find inspiration for colors while wedding planning is to use the seasons. If you are getting married in the fall for example then the season dictates that you use browns reds and oranges. Using the time of year for inspiration for your wedding colors may also push you towards using seasonal flowers for your wedding. This way you will be able to save money by not having to buy more expensive out of season blooms.

You can of course always simply use your favorite color. This is a great way to put your own personal stamp on the occasion and makes your potentially complicated dilemma all the more easier.

Once you have decided upon a particular color or group to use for your wedding you are half way there. The next decision is how to put the colors together to help convey your wedding in a style you desire.

A few simple planning tips for using color on your wedding day are as follows:

Do not use too many different colors. You may find that a wide array may clash, particularly if they are quite vibrant choices. You may want to consider using only one or two different colors and then choosing a wider range of shades and tones within the same family. Whatever you do, do not use too much black. You do not want to overdo it and have your wedding looking more like a funeral.